We worship together on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. The address is 293 Wilson St. Manchester, NH.

You are invited to join us! At our worship gatherings, we sing songs to God, hear God speak to us from his Word, and ask for the Spirit to encourage us.

You don’t need to be a Christian to join us. In fact, we even have a time after our worship service to ask questions if you’re exploring Christianity.

When we gather to worship, we meet with God. God delights to meet us in our singing and preaching. He also sends his Spirit to give spiritual gifts to encourage his people. We hear the Gospel preached and applied to our lives. We also received the Lord’s Supper every week as a sign of the Gospel.


After every worship service, we have a Question and Answer time. Our pastors aren’t experts. That’s not what we mean. If you’re not a Christian, new or growing, you may have questions. We hope you do! We want you to feel free to ask those and to expect answers. So after our worship times, we invite anybody with questions to voice them. We may not have all the answers. Sometimes we may say that we don’t know the answer. Regardless, we’d love to think through the answers together.


We believe that God loves food. Which is good, because we love food. If Heaven is going to be a party, we’re going to get ready.

After worship every week, we have lots of food. Sometimes we do a meal together. Sharing food together allows us the time and space to grow our friendships.

Allergies tend to be a big deal these days. Our lead pastor is deathly allergic to milk! We do everything we can to accommodate people’s dietary needs with our food after the service.

If you’re interested in King’s Cross Church, we’d love to share a meal with you. We won’t put you on the spot. We’re eager to get to know you, learn from you, and lean more about Christ together.