We worship together on Sunday mornings at 10:00am at 293 Wilson St. Manchester, NH.

You are invited to join us! At our worship gatherings, we sing songs to God, hear God speak to us from his Word, and ask for the Spirit to encourage us.

You don’t need to be a Christian to join us. In fact, we even have a time after our worship service to ask questions if you’re exploring Christianity.

When we gather to worship, we meet with God. God delights to meet us in our singing and preaching. He also sends his Spirit to give spiritual gifts to encourage his people. We hear the Gospel preached and applied to our lives. We also received the Lord’s Supper every week as a sign of the Gospel.


We meet at the Hope for New Hampshire Recovery Center, on the corner of Wilson and Valley (the city has given us permission to use this lot). However, we now use the government parking lot diagonally across from the building. This should drop a pin on your google map for where to find parking. The parking lot is between a storage building and a mechanic shop. Additionally, there is parking on one side of the street.


After the sermon during most worship services, we have a Question and Answer time. As each of us looks at the Bible together, we all have questions. Sometimes a sermon touches on something that makes us think, “I’ve always wondered about that!” We do the Q&A to allow us to understand the Bible together, and to get questions to things we’ve always wondered about. And, if one of our pastors doesn’t know the answer, we’ll say “I don’t know” and look into it that week.