King’s Cross COVID-19 reopened worship services guidelines are as follows:

  1. Masks are required during the entire duration of being inside for the worship service. Masks are provided at the front door, but everyone is welcome to wear their own mask, so long as it covers your mouth and nose. The only exceptions to wearing masks during the service are for people who are speaking at a microphone during the service.
  2. Chairs are provided for each individual or family unit to set up for themselves. These should be set up 6 feet from the next group over.
  3. Sanitary, prepackaged communion cups are provided at the front door to allow believers the chance to participate in the Lord’s Supper together.
  4. Social distancing will be observed during conversations before and after the service. Please keep hugs, etc. to outside the Hope Center.
  5. No children’s ministry is provided at this time.

All of these guidelines have been approved by our Leadership Team as of July 2020, when we started meeting in person. They are informed by the Manchester City’s Health Department recommendations, and are in compliance with Hope for New Hampshire’s guidelines.

We do recognize that these guidelines are not suited for everybody, for whatever reason. Therefore, we are orienting towards our Sunday worship as a live, in person worship service with live streaming. We are doing everything we can to help those who are unable to attend Sunday mornings in person to feel as valued, known and involved as we can.

Additionally, all of our weekly small groups have a Zoom (video call) option available. Some of our groups have chosen to get together in person, respecting social distancing. Therefore, if you are interested in attending one of our groups, please send us an email so we can help you connect with the group that’s best for you.

We appreciate that the world is a little crazy right now. We recognize that other congregations have chosen to implement different guidelines during this time and respect their decision to do so. As a community of Jesus, we want to be willing to sacrifice our comforts or privileges so that the people of our community feel safe and welcomed to know the freeing power of Christ’s love with us. None of our guidelines are chosen to be “against” any other congregation, organization or political party. We are simply doing the best we can to love our neighbors in Manchester and the greater Manchester area.

It is our hope that you would feel welcomed and safe to have “the peace of Christ rule in your heart” (Col. 3:15) at King’s Cross or any other Gospel preaching church in these crazy times. If there is any way we can answer your questions or help you get connected to King’s Cross, please send us a message.

~Pastor Jacob
September 10, 2020