We Gather on Mission

We gather every Sunday morning, 10 am, at the Hope for New Hampshire recovery center in Manchester to worship God through Jesus Christ. Every week we encounter God’s, celebrate who he is, and receive God’s grace from the gospel.

Here’s what we’ve found when we gather—God is on mission. God is doing something, and he’s doing something in and through us. Through the Bible, God answers our questions about life. Why are we hear? Why do bad things happen? Will this ever change? Because God loves us, he also gives us the solution: Jesus Christ. Through Jesus, God gives us hope. Because God sent his Son to life, die and rise from the dead, God is eager to change our lives. When we gather together to worship God, he changes us, and he changes Manchester.

The thing that’s exciting about God’s mission is that it’s always accomplished. This means we gather in glad anticipation of what God will do in our midst.

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We Scatter on Mission

Jesus ate meals with people, living a normal life with his neighbors. Jesus shared in people’s joys and sorrows. Jesus lived live with regular folks during the week. So do we. Every week, we live amongst our neighbors, loving whoever God’s has put us next to. Each week, we intentionally scatter on God’s mission in our neighborhoods, schools, homes, and work places believing we are sent on mission to bring hope & healing with the renewing power of the gospel.

Joining God on mission looks like by bringing the light of the gospel wherever we are. It looks like building meaningful relationships with the people of our city. This means that our lives are interwoven with our neighbors. We’re just regular folks with an amazing Jesus. We have similar dreams and needs like our neighbors, and have found our hope for the future in Jesus Christ. We are eager to help others become his disciples, to experience the power of God to change lives through Jesus and give us hope in our day to day lives.

In order to be faithful disciples together, we gather in our neighborhoods during the week. We call these “Missional Communities” because we’re on God’s mission, together. Missional Communities are how we seek to walk out the life and mission of discipleship together.

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We Love God and Our City

We love Manchester. We love where God has put us to live our lives for his glory. God loves Manchester, and are excited about how God is working in Manchester. God has saved through Jesus, defeating Satan, sin and death. We know that Jesus is Manchester’s only hope. We want everybody in Manchester to know the sin-forgiving, life-changing, hope-empowering love of God in Jesus Christ.